Saturday, June 16, 2007

A Papier Mache Project

I love papier mache. It's easy, accessible and good for so many applications.

I bought this little medicine chest a few years ago. When I brought it home, it had a scruffy paint job and a broken mirror. We had just moved into our new place and needed storage, so I hung it on the wall in my kitchen to hold my juice glasses. Every time I closed the door, there was a festive tinkling sound as another piece of the mirror hit the floor.
The kitchen improved, I started making plans to open my store. It was time to get to work on the little chest.
Since it was made of plywood, paint alone wasn't going to give it a good enough finish. Papier mache to the rescue! Little bits of newspaper glued to all the surfaces covered the edges of the plywood and the nasty plastic liner on the shelves. A wash of white paint and a couple of coats of water-based varnish and it's ready to go back to work.
The next time you find yourself looking at an item of yours that has a nice shape but a nasty finish, try giving it a couple of coats of paper and see if you don't like it better.

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