Saturday, August 25, 2007

Bookcase on Wheels

A friend of mine came into the shop yesterday. As she looked around, we chatted. She admired some of the bowls I have on display and said that she likes the idea of using them for storage, except that, she has very little to store in them.

It's a problem I share with her. Despite owning a second-hand store, and going to a lot of auctions, I'm just not really a collector. So all these wonderful storage ideas I have are kind of wasted on me!

Though when I say I'm not much of a collector, I am very conveniently overlooking my books....

This is because, in my mind, at least, books are Essential to Life and therefore, not in the 'collectible' category.

And I've got them squirreled away all over the house. Including in two wooden crates on either side of the (yes, it's ugly!) fireplace.

They work perfectly for my decorating books. And the addition of casters makes them much more portable, so that, for our bigger parties, I can take them out from under the mantel, throw a pillow on top and I've got extra seating.

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