Saturday, August 4, 2007

Descended From Hamsters

I love paper. All kinds of paper: new, old, colourful and plain. More and more, it is what I use instead of paint on furniture, walls, and the canvasses that I have neglected for far too long now.

It gets out of control sometimes. My husband is in full agreement with my theory that, unlike the rest of humanity, I, in fact, am descended from hamsters.

But the end results can be so lovely, I'm not about to give it up. But I do promise to at least try to be a little tidier while working.

I found this old trunk in the auction. It was an ugly shade of blue and in need of work. I had an old, falling-apart geography text. They seemed a perfect match. I glued the pages into the trunk (repeat after me - the occasional wrinkle adds to the charm), gave them several coats of water-based varnish and painted the outside a nice soft colour.

Oh, and I added casters to the bottom. I do this whenever I can. It makes it so much easier to rearrange the furniture!

I notice with pleasure that Jane Cumberbatch has updated her blog. Jane is one of my inspirations. She uses old pieces and "junk" in such a beautiful way. Her site is lovely, with lots of gorgeous photos.

And thank you to Charlottesville Interior Design for your nice comments and link to me. It's so nice to be noticed!


Anonymous said...

Was just cruising by and noticed this entry. Very nice idea for that old trunk. I love paper, too. :)

Barb McMahon said...

Thanks for stopping in! And good luck with your blog, too (we started around the same time - I'm glad I'm not the only newbie!).