Tuesday, August 21, 2007

How to Use the Inspiration

That last post may have looked like a cop-out, but I do get inspiration from my travels and even just planning travels. For example...

I love the stone walls that you find all over Europe, both in the apartments, and on the exteriors of buildings. So the question for me was "How do I bring this home?"

Stone walls are rare in my part of the world, especially in interiors. And building one was beyond my capabilities. Fortunately, I can make paper. And if you do it right, it looks like stone.

I did these walls a few years ago when we owned the Bed and Breakfast

Since then, we've moved (a couple of times!) I haven't done a stone wall in the new place, but I'm looking at these stairs and thinking...

hmmmm...... How much paper would it take?

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