Thursday, August 30, 2007

My Husband Is a Living Saint

Seriously, how many men, when told that their wife had succumbed to the lure of the unbeatable bargain and bought a large metal ice-box would say, "Way to go!"

Especially given the fact that the only vehicle we own is a Ford Focus?

And the fact that the auction is on Tuesday. I'm free Wednesday, but Alan isn't. He was available this morning, but I was busy selling up half my shop.

So he borrowed a friend's truck (thank you Hammond!), drove over to the auction yard and loaded this thing onto said truck.

And picked up the lovely folding step-stool that turned out, in fact, not to fold.

For those of you who are also following my food blog, this is not the replacement for the dough fridge. We haven't found that yet. You can imagine how grateful I am for the cooler weather.

The icebox has been scrubbed thoroughly and will be put in the shop in the next day or two, to fill in the bare patches that developed over the course of today (wheee!).

The step-stool might just be one of those items that I have to keep. I'm thinking just inside our entryway, to hold our shoes....

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