Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Triplex Kitchen - After

I think this one should be filed under "Projects That Took Way Too Long".

Way back here, I posted about the triplex my husband and I had bought, and the little kitchen paint-job we were doing.

But we also had the window replaced and new flooring put down, among other things. And since it's summer and everyone went on vacation, plus the fact that we were far busier than we had thought to be, here it is August and, with a slightly flattened "ta da!" I present the "after" pics.

After a coat of Zinsser 123 high adhesion primer, the kitchen cabinets took the white paint quite nicely. The room looks a lot brighter and cleaner now.


We also added a couple of second-hand cupboards up above to increase the storage. I love the one on the right - the crown molding is cut flush with the left-hand side, so it fits perfectly (it juts out on the right). I found it like that, I didn't trim it.


And just so it doesn't look like all my renovations are done with second-hand materials, let me confess to the ubiquitous trip to IKEA for the bathroom cabinet.


I used old bread pans for the shelves over the toilet, though. They'll look better when they've got stuff on the shelves...


kim. said...

Great job on the kitchen! And that bathroom is so tiny - especially where the toilet is. Got a chuckle out of me.

Barb McMahon said...

It is really tiny. Glad I could share the grins!