Thursday, September 20, 2007

Well, September seems to be Paint Month here at MDH Productions...

I got started on the stair railing last week and put the second coat on yesterday.
I have to say, in terms of Impressive Effects/Effort Expended, this project has a pretty disheartening ROI. We're talking hours of work for something that doesn't exactly stop people in their tracks when it's done. Of course, it's not actually done yet. I've just second-coated the spindles.

And can anyone tell me why there need to be SO MANY spindles on this particular staircase? Two per step! And it's like, three inches from the wall, so the chances of someone sliding down it and breaking the handrail or putting their head through and getting stuck are, in fact, NIL!!

But taking out redundant spindles is even more work than painting. So I paint. And paint....

So Many Spindles...

A product that I've found that makes this job a little easier/tidier is a thing called a radiator brush. It has an extra long handle and an angled head for getting in behind and around and not necessarily leaning your face into the paint.

This may not be a consideration for you, but I come from a long line of messy painters. My Mum used to like to do the housepainting while we were in school. When we came home at the end of the day, she'd try to surprise us. But we'd always say, "You've been painting, haven't you?"

"How did you KNOW?!?!!"

Well, aside from the fact that the fumes were making everything go fuzzy (this was in the days when oil paint was the only alternative), she'd be covered head to toe in little specks of paint.

I think of her every time I look in the mirror after doing a bit of painting...

I'll Show You My Hands, But That's All!

We've also been doing the exterior painting over at the triplex. I'll have pictures to show you in the next day or two. It's a much better ROI!

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