Thursday, October 4, 2007

I Never Showed You This

Scouting around the apartment for things I haven't yet showed you, I realized that I've mentioned my Granddad's carryall, but never showed you pictures.

When we moved into our current apartment, we were dazzled by the size of the kitchen. Strangely, it only has three drawers and each of them is too deep to really work as a cutlery drawer.

We also host potlucks every month. They're loads of fun and our guests take turns washing the dishes afterwards (we have the best friends on earth!). Easy access to the cutlery seemed like a good idea. Just throwing it all into one carryall seemed disorganized. So I ate a lot of beans and saved the cans - one for each size and type of implement.

It stays out on the dresser in the dining room and makes setting up for the potluck easy and quick!


john mcmahon said...


If you're dining outside, it's very easy to take out the cutlery all at once!

Barb McMahon said...

...but only if you remember in time!