Thursday, November 15, 2007

It's Bad When The Plumber Says Whoa!

More fun and frolic over at the triplex.

Alan noticed some water accumulating in the basement. And it smelled really bad. So he called our favourite plumber. John has been with us for many years and is a pretty calm guy.

He opened the basement door and said, "Whoa!"

The city engineering department came out and had a look this morning. They suggested someone else to call. Tomorrow they'll be digging up the basement floor to try to locate and fix the problem.

There is a chance that it's related to a problem the city's been having with its storm sewers. If it is, we'll get a rebate.
I'll have Alan take lots and lots of pictures of the fun tomorrow so I can share them with you.

'Cuz, people? If I have to give up my Christmas getaway for a sewer resection, there's going to be pictures!

These pictures are of the living room "before". Nasty, dirty dusty rose paint. Two tone. And all the woodwork in the same colour.

I mixed up a batch of paint yesterday and then went over before work this morning to make sure it was OK. Thankfully, it was, so Alan was able to forget the evil lurking in the basement by painting the living room.


Janet said...


Glad I am not you right now! I love the architecture of the living room. Was there a bench/window seat in the bay at one time?

Good luck with the city.

margaret atkinson said...

ohhhh, Barb....sending you happy thoughts...yikes yikes yikes!

Barb McMahon said...

Janet - I don't even want to be me right now!

When we bought the place, there were shelves under the windows, not nicely done. But wouldn't a window seat look lovely?

Thanks for the happy thoughts, Margaret, we'll be fine!