Sunday, November 18, 2007

Lazy Sunday Links

Links and lists of links. Grab a coffee, relax and enjoy!

I have a list of blogs that I look at every day - many for research purposes. And a few that just make me smile. One of them is Creative Thursday. Marisa posts a new painting almost every day. Little explanations, little bits of encouragement for the rest of us. And the paintings? Sweet but not cutesy. They always make me smile.

I participated in the Apples and Thyme Roundup over on my other blog. The timing is great for those of you heading into the Thanksgiving/Christmas/Too Much Happy Family Time marathon. Food bloggers wrote stories of their mothers, grandmothers and others who have inspired them, sharing memories of time spent with them in the kitchen. And recipes. Lots and lots of tempting recipes. The list is in two parts at The Passionate Palate and Vanielje Kitchen. Check it out and be inspired.

I hope you're enjoying a lazy Sunday!

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melissa @ the inspired room said...

Happy Thanksgiving! You might be on to something with that dead giraffe in my hallway, funny how I stepped right over him in search of a mouse...