Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April in Paris - The Arrival

Well, that flight wasn't so bad... a bit crowded and boring, as always. 

But here we are, safe and sound.  In a lovely little courtyard apartment that proves you can safely pick rentals off the internet.

One quick picture to stir your curiosity and then it's time to wake the dreamers and head out for a walk.

Paris Apartment



Janet said...

I'm so glad you're there safe and sound. Have a fabulous time! I'll be thinking of you the whole time.
Love to all!

kimmomofeight said...

The place looks fabulous so far ~ can't wait to see more! Glad you made it there safe and sound ~ Enjoy.

Valerie said...

Hey Barb and Alan,

Laurent and I are wishing you a wonderful trip, have lots and lots of fun.

Thinking of you,
xox Hugs

Tara said...


Enjoy yourself--lucky for you!


Barb McMahon said...

Thanks for the good wishes, everyone!

I'm having so much fun sharing this with you all!