Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Things We Keep

I sat on my sofa yesterday and took some pictures of my living room...

A Corner of My Living Room

Even though we don't have any offers on the place yet, I know that eventually we'll be moving out of here and into something smaller.  So I'm starting to think about what to keep and what to let go.  And I'm not having too much trouble with the letting go part.  Except...

That fridge?  It's ridiculously heavy.  Rottenly awkward to move.  And really not the kind of thing that most normal people would want as a display piece in their living room.  I should be able to say "Buh bye".  And yet...

And yet I'm really hoping that we can find a space for it in the next place.

And a couple of strong and willing movers to get it there.

What do you have trouble letting go of?



kimmomofeight said...

My children...I want them all to live with us forever, isn't that odd? Also, my Nana's old teacups and 'em. Maybe they'll become part of a mosaic someday.

Gallivanting_Girl said...

First of all, I love all of your ideas for turning junk into something else--your pallette/door bed is so neat! I'm thinking about making my next bed frame instead of buying one.

As far as answering your question--and it's a very odd thing to hold onto--my workboots. I wear them EVERYDAY and they always last me for years. I just currently had to throw some pairs away that I know were at least ten years old and it was all my husband could do to pry the ugly, cracked, (but still wearable) hunks of what used to be boots out of my arms.

And I'm quite biased to the old pairs--it's like the new pairs have to 'earn' my respect--ha. So now I'm stuck with newer boots, but I'm getting them almost beat-up enough to where they are comfortable and I like them.

So, I bet your fridge--which is neat too by the way--doesn't sound nearly as strange anymore.

Keep up the good work.

Barb McMahon said...

Kim - awwww! You're such a good mom!

And gallivanting girl - I get the workboot concept. Tho' it does make me feel a bit less odd about the fridge ;-) Thanks!