Monday, July 21, 2008

Etsy Mondays - ReClaim2Fame

I don't have a big collection of jewellery.  Frankly, I'd rather spend my money on travel and dinners out than rings and necklaces.  Besides, have you ever really looked at jewellery boxes?  Not something I'd want in my house, most of them.

Then I discovered the jewellery boxes of ReClaim2Fame.

Gorgeous!  Crazy!  Cool!  And all made with at least 80% recycled materials!


Hmmm... amazing as these are, I still don't see myself splashing out on baubles anytime soon.  Thankfully, they also make...

The Frazzled Frizzy Party Bowl Robot!

Now THAT, I could justify!

As always, just click the pics to be taken to each item's page.

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