Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Take a Picture Tuesdays - The Home Office

 Now that I have an actual work-from-home type freelance job (no, I'm still at the furniture store.  I tell everyone I "like variety") it's time to start thinking of a decent home-office set-up.

In our temporary digs, the office space is tucked into one end of the kitchen.  It's pretty crowded, and there's often a rack of laundry drying behind me (yeah, like I'm going to show you pictures...).  But, as I've mentioned, we'll be moving again soon.  And the new place has a whole room that can be used as an office.  Oh the luxury!

Time to search Flickr for some inspiration...

I love the desk/shelving combination in this one.  Such clean lines!

Fernanda Mancini

A desk by the window is always a bonus.  If you don't let yourself get distracted...


This would probably be better - all the light, but less distraction.


.Of course, Alan will need a spot to work, too....


I'd love a skylight like this.  Do you think the upstairs neighbours might object?



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