Monday, September 8, 2008

The World's Biggest Paint Chip

The studio apartment in our triplex has come vacant.  This always means a clean-up, necessary repairs and whatever else we think needs doing before we rent it out again.

Our tenant was a good one - there were only a few holes to fill.  But we didn't have touch-up paint for the space and really didn't want to have to paint the whole room.

I thought this would be a good chance to finally test out the new (to me) paint-matching technology at our local Benjamin Moore store.  But what to use as a paint chip...

This'll Work!  This'll Totally Work!

It came off fairly easily and we threw it in the car.

I have to give the young lady at the store due credit - she didn't actually fall over laughing.  But I was surprised when she pulled out the giant fan o' paint chips and started matching the colour manually.

When asked about the fancy computer, she regretfully told us that that door?  Is WAY too big.


Was I embarrassed?  A little.

Was it worth it to get out of having to repaint the whole room?  Totally!


corine @ Hidden In France said...

Oh my goodness you did that!? that's one radical paint chip.

Barb McMahon said...

It got the job done....