Thursday, November 20, 2008

Make Better Use of Your Hallway

I'd really love to show you the great uses we're making of our hallway, but, um, it's really not at all finished yet.  We're still waiting for the carpenter to come and do the work on our bedroom, which means that we're sleeping in the office and the office furniture is in the hall.... sigh.

Flickr to the rescue once again!  Here are a few spaces that caught my eye.

You really can never have too many bookshelves, can you?

Jesse Wagstaff

Art gallery and clothes storage.  Very clever!

ali edwards

This has to win some kind of prize for most intensive use of a hallway space.  That's a kitchen!


Of course, holding a window and letting in daylight is a great use of a hallway too.


So what do you all do with your transitional spaces?  Just get from point A to point B?  Or do you make them work a little harder than that?  I'd love to see your solutions!

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