Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Take A Picture Tuesdays - More Wallpaper!

I realize it's actually Wednesday, but it's been that kind of week.  My annual cold hit early and I've been chugging the Nyquil.  Through a STRAW!  Which, while enjoyable, is.....

OK.  I just can't think of a downside to that one.


I'm also NaBloPoMo-ing on my personal blog.  Any design bloggers taking part?  Leave me a comment and I'll link to you on Sunday.

I've taken on some freelance writing to help keep us fed this winter.  It's cool, like being paid to do homework, but it's time consuming. 


And then yesterday, I got called in to work.  Which is fine, which is great, except that they laid me off a week and a half ago.  And since then, I've been getting almost as many hours as I did before the lay-off and I'm sorry, but a lay-off, with all the fretting and the tears and the sick feeling in the stomach (and that was just my boss, getting ready to give me The Speech), isn't it supposed to include some time OFF?

Just asking, is all.

Anyway.  Wallpaper is the theme for this week.  Love it or hate it, eventually, it always ends up like this.


Sometime this week, I'll show you a few alternatives I've come up with.  I would say I'd do it tomorrow.  But who among you would believe me?

I've lost all credibility....


Tara said...

Hee-hee! Take your time...and what boss givs you the speech and then calls you back??

A smarmy move!

Barb McMahon said...

Indeed it was....

TheKeyBunch said...

Hi Barb,

Sorry to hear about the layoff - but them calling you back in to work is great, and funny too :)

Just wanted you to know that we are on the November NaBloPoMo event too.

The papier mache alternative for your walls is innovative! Do post pics of the final room with the decor and all. My little one has scribbled all over the walls and they are in such a mess! I really need a shoestring solution and this just might be it!

- Sharon :)

Barb McMahon said...

It would be easy to repair, too!

I'll be putting you in my lazy Sunday links.