Friday, December 19, 2008

Build Your Own Closet

Alan and I have been working on the closet over the last couple of days. 

It was pretty easy to build - just a few bits of lumber, an old wooden extension ladder and a shelf.  Here's the photo essay (scroll over the pictures for explanations):

Empty space awaiting construction Alan cutting the supports (after measuring carefully, of course!)
Build the box that the shelf rests on... Then attach it to the wall
Install the ladder/clothes rail After a coat of paint, it's time for curtains and accessories.

Hmmm.... These pictures make it look like Alan did the whole thing himself.  And, while I'm happy to give him the credit, I did help!  Plus, I took the pictures...

Some of you may be wondering how big the finished space is.  It's roughly 10' X 13'.  It's certainly not huge, but as I see it, extra floor space just means extra cleaning, right?

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