Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Take a Picture Tuesdays - Bookshelves

OK. I'm back....  sorry for missing yesterday's post, but my holiday season actually got busier as it wore on and in the end, I succumbed to a cold.  Booo!

I'm feeling better now though and promise to behave myself from here on in.

One of my accomplishments over the holidays was to unpack a couple more boxes of books.  Which led me to Flickr, to see what other people do with theirs....

I love the look of this arrangement, especially in this white and airy room.  But I do wonder how easy it is to find a particular book when they're arranged by colour instead of alphabetically within categories.

I think I've just revealed my total dorkiness to the world, haven't I? 

Eccentric Scholar

I love tucking storage in wherever it will fit.





Floatingly.... (hmmm.... Alan didn't think floating shelves would be strong enough for books!)


It wouldn't be a May December Home without a kitty!

Enid Yu


Alissa said...

Cool idea organizing the books by color. It looks great, and this is coming from a former librarian who admittedly tends to use her own eccentric book filing system.

Barb said...

...stacking them randomly on every available surface?

Or is that just me? ;)