Friday, May 15, 2009

Celebration Fridays - Celebrating Insecurity



The furniture store where I worked last summer is closing its doors.  I popped into the going out of business sale to see how my old boss is doing.

Surprisingly well, as it turns out.  He has plans.  He's learned a thing or two.  He's laid the idea of financial security to rest.

And that's a good thing, I think.  Because security, financial or any other kind, doesn't actually exist.  It's an illusion we sell ourselves to keep our fears at bay.

It can be a difficult concept to let go of, but when you can accept at some level that this could all be gone tomorrow, life takes on a summer vacation feeling.  And you can either hang on to it for dear life, even though it's futile, or you can enter in fully and enjoy the heck out of every moment. 

I'd vote for option two.

Because even if you do manage to achieve what looks to be absolute security, do you hear that clock, ticking?  That's life calling you out for the fool that you are.

This can either be a really depressing way for Barb to start you on your weekend, or it can set you free.  If security doesn't exist, then why not take a chance?  I've found that it's in those chances that the really good stuff happens.

So today, right now, I'm celebrating today.  Right now.

How 'bout you?


Lynn said...

I celebrated my insecurity tonight with a bowl of *superb* lobster bisque at one of my favorite restaurants. And now I am going to curl up on the couch with my knitting and the third installment of Lord of the Rings.

kimmomofeight said...

Security is highly overrated ~ I'm celebrating flying by the seat of my pants and doing the best I can at any given moment!

Barb said...

Lynn - that sounds like a perfect way to celebrate

and Kim - yes, indeed, celebrate all of it!

I sat out in a sidewalk cafe after work with my husband yesterday and celebrated not knowing what comes next. It felt good.

corine said...

I'm practicing a circus act without a net at the moment. I'm sure I'll grow from this, but at the moment, I'm totally out of my comfort zone.

corine/hidden in france

Barb said...

This is a pretty supportive place to visit while you wait for your comfort zone to find you. And it will and, yes, you will grow.

Auntie V said...

Part of the way through one very, very bad teaching year, as I was reaching the end of my rope, so worried and miserable, the rope snapped. I didn't feel like I had done it, it just sort of happened. The most wonderful thing followed. I grew wings and learned to glide. Without that rope holding me back, I found I was able to go anywhere and be OK - no security or guarantees needed. Everything became an adventure. I could enter into the misery of that situation, the unknown of what would come with eagerness that you feel when entering a ride at the park. You know, the fear and excitement and wariness all muddled together. I began to get seriously amused over things. I completely befuddled my harasser, which amused me more. That was when I learned to roll with whatever came along, no worries, no panic, just flying in and out of whatever comes along.