Monday, May 21, 2007

Welcome to May December Home

And so it begins...

Setting up in the Second-Hand Home Furnishings business can be fraught with danger, I've discovered. And I've only just opened my store!

The dangers are: spending too much for an item (particularly common at the auction), not jumping on an opportunity and missing out (also very common at auction), to say nothing of the dangers that require updating your tetanus shots (sharp things, rusty things, pointy things...)

I've been able to negotiate most of these pretty well, though I am still kicking myself for a few lost opportunities.

There is one danger, however, that seems bigger than the rest. And that is - falling in love with your junk. And keeping it.

Just the other day, I found an old metal fridge drawer with a beautiful robin's egg blue porcelain finish. All kinds of ideas went through my head about what it could be used for - Fruit bowl for a big family. Inbox for a really busy person. Magazine rack.

Now, I'm addicted to magazines, but I managed to think "magazine rack" without wanting to keep it.

And then I cleaned it. And I was lost.

Now I have a lovely robin's egg blue magazine holder. And a better understanding of why so many second-hand shops seem to be so dusty - the owners have learned how easy it is to get attached.

But awareness is power, right?

I'll keep on cleaning. I'll just try to do it with my eyes closed!

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Janet Mockler said...

This is wonderful! The photos are gorgeous, the writing is fabulous...and the idea still blows me away! I'm very excited, both for the store itself, and for the chance to continue to read about it! I'm passing the link along to new-home-owner friends.