Monday, June 4, 2007

A Great Product

My husband and I took posession of a triplex last week. The studio apartment is vacant and in need of some work.

I was over there today, priming the kitchen cabinets - using one of my favourite products - Zinsser 123 - a high-adhesion latex primer.

This stuff sticks to just about anything. You can use it to paint over oil-based paints, metal, glass, ceramic tile... And it cleans up with soap and water. The only thing it doesn't stick to is greasy surfaces, so if you're painting a kitchen, as I am, you'll need to do some cleaning first.

I'm using it right now on built-ins, but it's great to use on all your second-hand fix-ups.

Here's a picture of the kitchen "before". I'll show the "after" when it's done.

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