Sunday, August 2, 2009

Lazy Sunday Links

Have a Seat!

It's a lovely long weekend here in Canada.  I was nearly too lazy to do this.  But there are links!  And they must be shared!

First up is another frugality site called Not Spending Money, subtitled Finding Joy without Buying Stuff, which is a sentiment I heartily support.  The post Small Spaces: Articles From the Pros has links to several articles about people living well in smaller spaces.  So that was like two-for-one linkage!

I have never been even remotely tempted to install a pool in my backyard.  But then I saw this article.  There's a company in New York recycling used dumpsters into swimming pools.  It's got that urban trash chic thing going for it.  Plus, there'd be no end to the funny, funny dumpster diving jokes!

And if you are thinking of living in a smaller space, you'll want to check out Furniture for Small Spaces.  It features not just stuff you can buy, but stuff you can build yourself, too.

Lots of inspiration my friends!  Now let's get back to the loafing, shall we?  What do you like to do on a lazy weekend?

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