Saturday, June 30, 2007

Beyond the Three R's

When I was making plans to open May December Home, I started thinking about possible slogans. The three R's were an obvious choice, since my store is all about re-use.

Then I wondered what other "re" words would be appropriate. Words like "repurpose", "rethink".

"Resolve", maybe, as in "I resolve to use fewer resources..."

But the one that I came back to over and over again was "Relax".

Now I know at first glance, it might not seem to have an environmental application. And I think I was drawn to it more because there were a spate of stories in the news about just how badly the environment is doing. New studies about climate change and the like. Fear was flowing freely.

And fear is not a good thing. It accomplishes nothing, really. So I thought, let's do what we can to fix the problem and then relax about it.

But the other thing about relaxing is that it tends to take the place of doing. And that can be very good for the environment.

Think about it. Relaxing instead of driving. Relaxing instead of firing up the lawn mower. Relaxing instead of shopping (even at funky little second-hand stores).

It's Canada Day Weekend here. A perfect time to put your feet up and relax. If anyone asks you about it, you can proudly say you're helping the environment!

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