Saturday, June 2, 2007

Found Treasures

Whenever my husband and I move into a new place (and we move a lot), I'm always eager to see what the previous owners have left behind. There are always a few cans of paint, at least. The oil-based stuff gets sent off to the hazardous waste recycling depot. I keep the latex paint and mix up batches to use in any redecorating that needs doing.

The other stuff can be really amazing - old furniture, sinks...

We're currently living in a commercial building, so the haul this time was better than usual. There was a triple sink that went into my husband's bakery, and some store fixtures, including this wire rack. It served for a time as a bookcase (slightly wobbly). When we re-did our kitchen, I moved it in there to store my mixing/serving/pudding bowls. I find I use them much more when they're out in the open, and having this display rack certainly helps to keep them tidy.

There are treasures all around. Sometimes it's just a matter of knowing where to look.

What's in your basement?


margaret atkinson said... don't wanna know!
i'm afraid, very afraid!
the bowls look lovely.

Shop Girl Barb said...

Well.... there's a lot of that in my basement, too. But the good stuff more than makes up for it, right?

margaret atkinson said...

i most certainly hope so!