Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Instant Makeover

I'm realizing, ever more clearly, that I don't view the world the way that normal people do.

The latest J. Crew catalogue arrived in the mail today and, yes, the clothes are gorgeous. But what really struck me were the backgrounds. It seems to have been shot in a furniture warehouse. The pieces are wrapped, ready for shipping.

The stylists likely thought, "What a nice, neutral background for all the summer colours." I'm thinking, "What a great way to deal with furniture you hate!"

Just grab a length of cotton fabric. A drop-cloth would be ideal, or, since we're in the middle of a heat-wave here, possibly an old sheet. Drape it on your chosen piece to hide the ugly bits. Wrap it round with twine to keep it in place.

I think the wrapping adds an air of mystery, and a classical touch.

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