Thursday, July 26, 2007

Deliveries Today

Going to the auction is often a two-part process for me. I go, I buy, I load up the car with all that will fit (it's a Ford Focus).

A day or two later, we borrow a very generous friend's vehicle (thanks, Nancy!) and pick up the big pieces.

I was running the store today, so my very patient husband was on his own. Fortunately, the good folks at Stock Auctions are very helpful.

He brought home this wooden bench that someone hand-made and then very foolishly painted magenta. Ooooooog! It's an easy fix with a bucket of white. I can already see it in my shop, with some vintage cushions and a stack of books...

My big prize was this pillar. It's just so cool! And heavy... Thanks Alan, I owe you!

It's upside down in this picture, the bottom is a little damp. I've sprayed it with a bleach solution and want it to dry thoroughly before I turn it back over. After that, I'll just give it a good scrub and it's ready to go to its new home!

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