Saturday, July 7, 2007

It's Worth a Second Look

Sometimes you have to live with something for awhile before you can truly see its potential.

I bought this old metal box months ago. It's pretty cool. One piece slides inside the other and you can padlock it. And, if, like me, your favourite game as a kid was "Pirates", well, thoughts of burying it in the back yard occur.

It usually goes outside as part of my sidewalk display when the shop is open, but it's been really windy this week and I got tired of chasing it down the street.

So it sat in the shop. And I looked at it and suddenly - Inspiration!

I could hang it on the wall in, say a kitchen, with the two pieces side by side. The hardware would be on the bottom and therefore useful for hanging utensils and maybe a towel through the handle.

Of course, my kitchen is finished (pictures next week) and there's no room for anything else on the wall. Hopefully, some lucky customer will see the same potential I do....

As an added bonus this weekend, I'm linking you to a free download of Kate Spade bookcovers (just in case your second-hand books look a little more used than you'd like).

I found the link on the happy mundane website. It's a great blog to look at when you have some time. I especially love his motto: "there's beauty in your dishsoap". Lots of inspiration there!

Have a great weekend!

Next week, I'm going to do a series: "The Thousand Dollar Kitchen Reno". My kitchen, on the cheap.


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Alyssa said...

Hi Kate, Just "fell" upon your site while clicking around. I think the two part metal box would have been used for the delivery of milk or something along that line.We have one similar to that.

It could also be used as a storage bin for potatoes, onions, apples, magazines, kids books, toys, set on the floor in a guest bathroom with towels, soap, bath oil and salts. Also, punch a few holes in the bottom of each and have some unique and rustic planters. It has all sorts of possibilities.


Barb McMahon said...

Thanks for the comments, Alyssa and Joshua!

I appreciate your suggestions and compliments!

Will check out your sites when I get the chance.