Saturday, September 1, 2007


After yesterday's post, I thought I should say a word or two about clutter. Specifically, how to avoid it.

I know that owning a second-hand shop is an open invitation to clutter of all kinds taking over your life. And I will frankly admit that there are pockets of it, here and there in my house (but I'm not going to show you pictures). Getting those bits out of here is on the To Do list for September.

Here's how I keep it from raging out of control.

I Sold the World-Famous Spoon Rack!

When I bring stuff home from the auction (where things are sometimes sold in box lots), I sort through it. I have a box set up for stuff that goes back to the auction, a box for stuff that goes to Goodwill and one for stuff I'll sell on eBay. The stuff that can be sold right away gets cleaned up and put in the shop. The stuff that needs work goes down the basement.

And I think I'll make it a rule that anything that stays down there for more than a year goes back to the auction, because, clearly, I'm not the one to save it.

So far, it's all pretty easy. But how, you ask, do I keep myself from getting attached to all this great stuff?

Said Goodbye to These Cuties - I'll Find Others

Surprisingly, that's the easiest part of all for me, and not just because I'm addicted to money.

It's going to the auctions and the thrift stores and seeing just how much stuff is out there, just waiting for me to come along and claim it that lets me relax about letting it all flow out of my life. I know that I can find more cool stuff anytime I want to.

Of course, it also helps that I'm more than a little bit claustrophobic and the thought of having to share my breathing space with all this stuff is enough to set off a panic attack.

Bye-bye Trunk!

But, seriously, those of you who are addicted to vintage stuff repeat after me:

There is more cool stuff in this world than I can possibly get to. I don't have to bring it all home!


margaret atkinson said...

ohhhhh, the pandas, the pandas! sad!!!!
really enjoying your writing, barb, and happy birthday week!

Barb McMahon said...

Thanks, Margaret!

Shall I let you know when I find more pandas?