Sunday, September 30, 2007

Lazy Sunday Links

I see that Dooce is planning to add a decor section to her blog. This will make a great addition to her observations of daily life, occasional ranting and all the rest of the good fun that occurs over at her site.

For a little hint of what we're in for, check this out. Read the post and then watch the slide show. I think she's got great taste and a fabulous eye for detail.

The fact that she also sometimes decorates her dog...

Speaking of dogs, another wonderful site I like to check into regularly is Chloe the Dog. Alan and I often think that we'd like to get a dog, but the timing just isn't right at this point. So I have my daily visit with Chloe, a red, long-haired miniature dachsund and I'm good for awhile longer.

Geez I love the internet!


Chloe said...

Hi Barb,

Thanks for the shout-out and for faithfully reading my blog! You must be who Mom and Dad refer to as "London, Ontario." It tickles them to no end whenever they see you've checked in.

Mom and Dad waited years before taking the plunge and getting me. They tell me every day that I'm the best thing that has ever happened to them. I definitely converted them from fiercely independant cat people to dog lovers!

Take care,

Barb McMahon said...

Why, thanks, Chloe!

You'll probably be getting a few more visitors from London, Ontario after this!

That Sitemeter is a great toy (but no fun to chew on....)