Wednesday, September 5, 2007

More Shots of My Husband's Used Equipment

We're looking at the tray, people. Though those boots are his, too.

Thought I should get that over with so those of you who were frightened we were into something else can feel the relief (Those who were hopin' have given up in disgust and moved on.).

An aside here. Ever since this post, I have been number one in the listings for "May December Porn". A lot of people, apparently, were feeling lucky, because my Sitemeter tells me they ended up here. I can't begin to tell you the mix of feelings that well up in me whenever I think about this.

I mean, I did badly enough at, well, everything in my adolescence that I'm thrilled to be number 1 at anything. But (and I do NOT want this question answered. Seriously.), who Googles that sort of thing?!!?

Back to the used equipment. This is an industrial-sized muffin-top pan, covered in a matching cooling-rack. We will never bake industrial-sized muffin-tops, so making the switch to boot tray was pretty painless.

It's nice because it catches all the nasty drips and makes keeping the entryway clean that little bit easier.

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