Saturday, September 15, 2007

Tank Lid Shelf

One of the projects from "Decorating Junk Market Style" that I've used in my house is the Tank Lid Shelf. And before anyone does the Yucky Dance, let's remember that the clean water goes in the tank.

When we redid our bathroom, we put in an ultra low flush toilet. Great from an environmental point of view, but with its low profile and slanted top, it was useless for putting things on.

A quick trip to the Habitat ReStore solved that. A second-hand lid on pretty brackets and I've got a shelf for soap storage and a candle.

I can see a set of these shelves beside a kitchen window, or possibly as nightstands.

Just be sure to keep them below eye-level on the wall. The underside is unglazed and doesn't look all that pretty.


jbrealtor said...

Great idea and very easy to keep clean. Maybe you could paint the underneath or decoupage or something just for fun.

Barb McMahon said...

Good idea!