Saturday, October 20, 2007

Book Review: Junk Style

Whenever we move to a new house and I find myself in a hurry to get it fixed up and furnished RIGHT NOW, I curl up with my copy of Junk Style by Melanie Molesworth and calm the heck down.

This book celebrates junk and decay and all the signs of wear and tear as a design element in its own right.

The photography by Tom Leighton is absolutely gorgeous.

Where some "junk decorating" books have interiors that look cluttered and probably dusty, these look clean and bright and relaxing. It's been a huge inspiration in my life/decor/business.

There are no projects, as such, but the photos and descriptions give a lot of great ideas for using junk in your home. From old metal teakettles as planters to a cable wheel as worktable, there are endless ideas for letting a little junk into your life.

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