Sunday, October 21, 2007

Lazy Sunday Links

When decor bloggers show off their own homes, we tend to show them at their best. Everything gets put away, or at least cleared out of the camera's range.

So people who read a lot of decor blogs and decorating magazines can start to feel just a little self-conscious about the occasional stray sock or dirty dish.

And decor bloggers can get downright paranoid.

So it is with great relief that I found not one, but two posts this week about how we really live:

Anna Maria Horner shared her laundry pile with us.

And Sylvie had a post back in August showing all sorts of spots in her home.

I must point out that both of these women are busy, successful, wonderful people. And I'd like to thank them both for sharing the beauty and chaos of their lives!

A blog I've been following for awile is Vasilisa the Fair, written by a mother of two in Helsinki, Finland. She posts about crafting, everyday life in Finland with regular forays into her thoughts on consumerism, feminism and the joy of drinking coffee while it's still hot.

And, finally, there's Faces in Places, which started as a Flickr group and is now a blog. People send in their photos of things that look like faces.

Why would I recommend such a site? I believe that decorating, especially environmentally-friendly decorating requires that we look at things in new ways. That kind of creativity is a skill that can be built. Who knows, finding a friendly face in your toaster may just lead you to solve that sofa dilemma that's been bugging you for so long!



kimmomofseven said...

love the 40sq ft link...thank you for sharing it. It's nice to be reminded that we are all indeed human and things do get messy (Murphy's tumbleweeds be damned!)

Sylvie said...

Ha! I've only just discovered your blog. And that you mentioned my post:

That's the Permalink in case anyone is interested in seeing my mess!

Cheers! Sylvie

Barb said...

Excellent..... :D

Thanks Sylvie!