Sunday, October 28, 2007

Lazy Sunday Links

Here's What My Day Is Looking Like

I was going to title this post "All About Meeeee!". I'm still pretty happy about the post Leah did over at More Ways to Waste Time.

Which reminded me that Vineeta did a lovely write-up a little while ago over at Artnlight.

Of course, I only mention these because I think they're great blogs and hope you will head over and have a look around at all the non-Barb content!

But sticking to a theme for just another minute, my brother sent me a link to this site. Peter Guenther has built a Lego replica of the church my family attended when I was little (the top of the page is blank - scroll down to find it)!

I wonder if I could get him to do my house next? I gotta tell you, it's a very strange feeling to have part of your childhood done up in Lego!

OK, that's it for Barb-land!

The other two links are on ideas of home and comfort. There must have been something in the air this week. I wrote my thoughts here, and then I saw Holly at Decor8's thoughts here on what it means to decorate.

And then there's yesterday's post by Decorno on Things That Are Wrong. Uptight decorating is definitely wrong and I think point number six was spot-on.
That's it for me this week!

Hope you're enjoying a Lazy Sunday!

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vineeta said...

Hey thanx for the mention, Barb! And Im headed to check those links you've put up- sounds interesting for sure!