Thursday, October 25, 2007

Put Down That Duster!

Kim Mom of Seven's comment on my Lazy Sunday Links post has me thinking...

I love interior design. Decorating magazines are what I look at to relax. An inspiring interior is just that - inspiring. But I guess the question I'm asking is - what do they inspire me to do? Or to be?

What, in fact, is the point of all this design blogging that I'm doing and reading?

I don't have an answer that will sum it all up, but I have a few ideas.

That little blurb in my header: Life, Junk, Style? There's a reason that "life" comes first. Because I believe that no matter how much you enjoy decorating or style or whatever you want to call it, without the life that goes on in and around it all, the style is pretty much worthless.

Given the choice between sitting alone night after night in a perfectly decorated, perfectly staged room, or having some friends over and waking up to this the next morning, I'll choose friendship any day.

It's Looked Worse Than This!

Because life, really, is about the living.

I'll keep sharing my design/decorating ideas with anyone who's interested. But I do it from the belief that a well-designed house is meant to support your life, to make it easier, to give you the ease and confidence you need to follow your bigger dreams. A house that demands all your time and attention is a house that needs to be put back in its place.

Not the prettiest room on earth, but for two years, it was my favourite place to be.

Yes, there are sofas to choose and rooms to paint, but there are also new friends to be made and old people to be listened to and comforted.

Enjoy your decorating, but more importantly, enjoy your life.

Alan with our newest grand-niece.


kimmomofseven said...

Amen sister.

Lynn said...

Adding my own amen, as I sit surrounded by boxes and towers of storage containers. I am about ready to head back into my room and un-pause the new Krauss-Plant CD and pick up my knitting. It has been a deliberately quiet day. And I am content.

Barb McMahon said...

Sounds perfect!

Janet said...

Wow. That's beautiful. Your perspective is wonderful - and worth sharing. I will definitely make sure to do just that. Thank you!
~ Janet

Barb McMahon said...