Tuesday, October 16, 2007

My Husband Is a Living Saint - Part 2

Well, the work on the dining room renovation got started a little earlier than expected.

The dough fridge down in the bakery gave up the ghost a couple of weeks ago. Thankfully, not with dough actually in it. A true professional, it knew not to walk out in the middle of a shift...

Still, we had to get a replacement, which meant we needed to do something with the old one.

I had decided that it would be a key element in the new dining room. Eventually....

The new fridge arrived on Thursday. And since the delivery guy was here with a fridge cart and everything....

He agreed to help Alan haul it up the stairs. And, oh dear lord! What an adventure that was!

Can You Bring The Fridge Up Here!!!!

I wasn't entirely sure how the fridge would look upstairs. We've taken the compressor off and will be using it as a china cabinet. Could be brilliant, could be really, really stupid.

The Compressor's Not Going Back On!

By the time they'd lumped it up about three steps, grunting and sweating, I realized that I had to make it work, no matter what, cuz this thing is staying up here till moving day. And moving day won't happen until we can afford to hire a whole team of professional movers, cuz Alan's not touching that fridge again!

Thankfully, it looks pretty good. Though, we had a potluck on Sunday night, and I saw a few people looking at it quizzically. Wondering, I'm sure, "What's she up to now?!!?"

Not Bad. Right?


John McMahon said...

Love it!

That white expanse at the top of the unit is just asking for some kind of ... inclusion? graphic?

A set of dry-erase markers so people can write stuff on it? ...

Have FUN ... !

margaret atkinson said...

oh...it looks SO cool! i KNEW it!

Barb McMahon said...

Thanks! It's a big relief to me!