Saturday, November 24, 2007


When I was at university, way back at the dawn of time... er, the early '80's, everybody was trying to get a business degree and conquer the world.

I was definitely a misfit, studying English Lit and, y'know, smiling.

"There are no awards for being nice," I was told over and over and over.

Twenty-five years later and I finally get to say, "Yuh huh! Is toooo!" And I won!

Thanks so much to Janet from Housepeepers for granting me (along with a few others) the "Friendly Site Award". So kind of you!

And now I get to pass it along to another site.

I'm choosing Kim and Jo at Desire to Inspire.

Because they gave me my first link, without which I might have given up.

They make a point of showcasing new talent and they are always so positive. In fact, I really think that they and their site help to set the very friendly tone that you find here in the Home Decor neighbourhood of Blogland.

All that and their site is truly beautiful!


Janet said...

Glad you like it and thanks again for your help. i am off to Desire to Inspire...I haven't been there before>

kim. said...

Thanks Barb! You deserve some recognition because your blog is wonderful. I'm sorry my life has been chaos for a while now and I have absolutely no time to check out everyone's blogs, including yours. :( Keep up the good work!

wutsua said...

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