Friday, December 21, 2007

Hop Aboard the Guestroom Express!

Sorry about the title - the fun and festiveness of the season must be getting to me!

My friend Margaret bought me this train because I'd been waxing tearful about how it looked just like the one my Granddad made that I'd played with as a kid but didn't inherit because the man had sixteen grandchildren so the odds were against me.

It's very handy for storing stuff. In our last house, it was in the bathroom, holding my make-up. But this bathroom has SO MUCH storage that the train goes in the guestroom to hold nice things our overnighter's might need.

I know that lots of folks have started their Christmas holidays already, but please check back here through the weekend. If I can get everything to work, I'll be making an announcement tomorrow.

And I've found some really cool sites for my Lazy Sunday Links (there's still room, if you'd like your site added!)

And that's what's known as "creating buzz". Excited?


Jennifer said...

Hi Barb- Merry Christmas to you, too! I'll try to pop by this weekend! I always love announcements!

Janet said...

Excited?? I can hardly wait :>).

Freshly Found said...

Delightful train! What a clever idea to use it in that way... and ... the anticipation of the announcement is overwhelming!!!

Barb McMahon said...

Thanks! I'm pretty excited about this, too. I think it'll be fun

vineeta said...

What a super cool idea!!! that train- I'd be delighted to see that in anyplace I was a guest at! Looking forward to the announcement :) Bring em on...!