Friday, January 25, 2008

Gasp! I've Been Tagged!

Pia tagged me awhile back, to tell seven random things about myself that you might not know. And I'm thinking, "After all this time? What's left?!!!!?"

But her birthday's tomorrow, so I'll play nice....

Counting backwards...

7) I was once in a marching band. I played French horn.

6) When I was sixteen, I went to work in a convent.

5) When I was twenty, I did volunteer work in our local jail. Depending on how I work these last two into conversation, I can make myself seem much more interesting than I actually am!

4) Vacuuming makes me swear.

3) So does yoga. At least I can avoid yoga!

2) I have read Ulysses.

1) I am the proud Auntie of literally dozens of nieces and nephews, including the very talented dude in the clip up top - Paul Mailloux.

Whoo! Glad that's over.

Now I'm supposed to tag seven people.... hmmm...

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And I'm going to leave number seven up to you. If you're new to Blogland, or you've never been tagged and you want to introduce yourself to the world, leave a comment and let us know where to find your Seven Random Things.

And be sure to head on over to Pia's site on Saturday to wish her a very happy 30th birthday!


Jennifer said...

Hi Barb. Well, I won't have such a sophisticated, well done intro to my seven random things as you, but I do accept your tag, and look forward to writing it. A convent???!!!

beth said...

Hi Barb,
I can't believe you tagged me on my birthday! How amazing is that! So, I guess you now know one random thing about me. The challenge will be whether I can find six more. Oh, and thanks for checking out my blog :)

Barb McMahon said...

Ooooh! Happy Birthday Beth!

And thanks for playing to you and Jennifer!

pia jane bijkerk said...

Hi Barb, thank you so much for the birthday wishes! and for filling out the tag, i had a laugh about the convent and jail, and now you have me VERY intrigued about your experiences of both these places! hope you've had a fab weekend px

pia jane bijkerk said...

oh i forgot to mention your nephew is very talented, what a swooner! love that clip, thanks for sharing.