Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Anna's Apartment - part 2

A couple more pictures from Anna's apartment.

sofabed  An Ikea sofa bed easily converts from sitting to sleeping.

And I love this little knob holding the tie-back for the curtain on the closet.  Even in a tiny space, the details make a difference!



Erika said...

Hi Barb,

Just wanted to say thanks for the inspiration! Since starting to read your blog I've been taking a second look at things around me, and have found some beautiful things that I would probably have passed right by before. I actually posted this past weekend about a piece of found art I picked up free at a warehouse sale this weekend... I thought to myself, it's very "May December Home!"

Thanks for the ideas,

Tara said...

Somehow all those details add up--they are so important-thanks for sharing!

Barb McMahon said...

And thank you, Erika, for the lovely compliment!

And Tara, I'm glad you like the details - all our blogs would be very short-lived, otherwise!