Monday, February 25, 2008

Bits and Pieces Week

Our favourite handyman is on holidays this week, so we're a bit stymied as far as the renovations go.

We're coping by chipping away at all the other things on the To-Do list that we don't need Jeff to help with.

One of the bigger jobs was painting the ceiling and front wall of the living room.  Not normally a big job, but with twelve foot ceilings...

Once the wall was done, I was finally able to fill up the old fridge from the bakery.  I'd been holding off, knowing it would have to be moved for the painting.

It looked really stupid, sitting there half-empty, and I'm sure our friends wondered what had gone wrong with Barb's thinking.

Better now, I think.

Fridge - finished!

The elephant vase is a project from a few years ago.  I really love mosaics and did a fair number of them awhile ago. This was an ugly vase, plus a dark green teapot and a few bits and pieces.  She looks really festive with a big bouquet of flowers.

I'll have more bits and pieces to show you through the rest of the week.  And I apologize for the long silence.  I was hit with a case of Blogger's Block.  Can I blame February?

Comfort Food Mondays

I've posted a new recipe over on my Food Blog.  This week it's Cranberry and Orange Bread Pudding.

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