Wednesday, March 5, 2008

New Prints in Our Etsy Shop

Remember how I was going to be all organized and regular about getting things into the Etsy shop?  Oh well.

We've listed some new ones.  Hope you like them!

Gated Parisian Courtyard Luxembourg Garden Beauty Paris - Sacre Coeur in Montmartre 
Girl In The Mirror  Sunset Over Lake Huron Lovers in the Park Midday
Eiffel Tower Ville de Paris Sacre Couer

And in other news, this week's Comfort Food Recipe is  Mango Souffle!


Jane M said...

Don't forget to fill out your etsy bio and stuff, too. Nice shots. Are you selling them framed?

Barb McMahon said...

Right now it's just the prints - shipping's easier that way.

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Glad someone else has trouble keeping up with their goals! :-) But good for you on trying!

Happy week!

Tara said...

Beautiful shots! They all look great!


Barb McMahon said...

Thanks so much, Tara!

And Melissa, I'm glad my failure can inspire!! ;)