Friday, March 7, 2008

Renovation - The World's Worst Houseguest

The alternate title for this post is - There's a Bed Frame in My Kitchen - cuz, people, there's a bed frame in my kitchen!

I know I shouldn't whine.  I'm lucky to be able to do renovations.  And I could have just left well enough alone and kept the house tidy.  I mean, I did sign up for this.

But there comes a point in any renovation when I start to feel like I've been invaded by the houseguest from hell.  One who moves in, rearranges all the furniture, makes outrageous scheduling demands, while offering no help at all in meeting those demands.

And will never, ever, ever be pinned down to a departure date.

I just keep telling myself how lovely the place will look when Mr. Renovation has finally left, with grim mutterings on my part about how he will never be invited back.


Yeah, right.


mormar said...

Can I have that door?

Freshly Found said...

Keep Going! It'll be worth it all in the end!! Look forward to seeing the outcome!

Barb McMahon said...

Thanks for the encouragement. I know it always looks its worst just before it gets better...

And Mormar, glad you like the door, but it's the footboard for our bed! I'll show pics, though...