Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My Ugly Sofa and A Contest

Alan and I were so lucky to find this apartment.

We needed something in a hurry, but for a short term.  No easy task, but somehow this place was available.  The fact that it came semi-furnished made moving day a lot easier.

The only thing is, well...


And there's a chair to go with it!


Fortunately, I had some big pieces of fabric.  A bit of draping and tucking and...

Better What a Relief!

OK, not perfect, but we're only here till mid-October, so it's all at least bearable.

Which brings me to the contest.  My friend Glenda from SureFit sent me an email to announce The Hunt for the Ugliest Sofa in America.

Photo entries for the contest will be accepted until September 30th for a chance to win a $5,000 living room makeover by designer and host of HGTV’s Myles of Style Kim Myles, courtesy of Sure Fit Inc.

If it’s old, worn, unsightly, revolting, repulsive, lumpy, grumpy or just plain ugly, Sure Fit wants to see it.  The criteria for choosing the ugliest couch includes the ugliness of overall design and fabric pattern, offensiveness of color, inappropriateness of fabric and inappropriateness of the combination of fabric, color and design as it relates to any period in the recent history of furniture.  The uniqueness of the couch as it relates to the above-mentioned criteria will also be taken into account.

To enter go to  and click on the “Ugly Couch Contest” button located on the homepage.

I won't be entering.  My sofa lives in Canada.  And besides, it seems a bit ungrateful to enter the couch of the man who saved us from having to circle the block for eight solid weeks....

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Jane M said...

That's a magnificently ugly sofa!