Friday, September 5, 2008

Scarves: The Versatile Fashion Accessory

Scarf as Curtain The house that we're staying in has sheer curtains on the bedroom windows.  The bedroom that's on the front of the house.  Overlooking the street.

I was raised to be a modest girl.  This was not acceptable.

I needed something quick and temporary, that wouldn't look, well, as ugly as the couch.  In stepped my collection of scarves.  Hung from the curtain rods, they filter the light, add a sense of privacy and look not too bad.

I've also used a scarf as a table runner, draped one across the foot of the bed, and made the occasional skirt, in addition to keeping my neck warm while looking stylish.

Try doing that with a pair of shoes!


Janet said...

Hmmm...I thought I was the only one who actually bought scarves to use as table runners.


Barb McMahon said...

You're not the only one!!!!!