Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Take a Picture Tuesdays - I Miss My Bedroom!

I went wandering through Flickr this morning, looking for bedroom pictures. 





Because mine still looks like this.


But at least it doesn't look like this!

Orin Optiglot

There is good news on the horizon.  The new window should be installed next week, which will do wonders for the coziness factor.  And if Murphy's Law is at all reliable (and I know for a fact that it is!), the window-installer and the carpenter will arrive on the same day and get in each others' way.

Which'll be fine by me!



kimmomofeight said...

Sorry...that last room belongs to Erin...

Barb McMahon said...

Oh, now, now. Blame the dog. That's what he's there for. ;-)

Chandan said...

LOL... at least you are able to look at the funny side.. post pics when the bedroom is done