Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Ugliest Couch in America

This is great.

Surefit has announced a winner in their 2008 Ugly Couch Contest. 

Remember when I showed you mine? 

My ugly (rented) sofa...

Well it turns out that even if the contest had been open to Canadians, I still wouldn't have won, 'cuz....

The ugliest sofa in the USA!!!!


Julie Lee from San Francisco, CA, is the proud owner of this monstrosity.  In her own words, "It's functional, but it really is just so ugly.  It’s ‘loud’ and screams of the 70s.  It’s orange, yellow, brown and…greenish?  It has a floral pattern all over.  And the fabric is some kind of chenille or velour or something strangely fuzzy."

Lee submitted her couch to Sure Fit every year for the past four years!!!! 

Most of us would have caved in years ago.  But for waiting it out, she wins a living room makeover courtesy of Sure Fit Inc. and Kim Myles, designer and host of HGTV’s Myles of Style, valued at $5000.

I think SureFit's next task will be to determine why it is that the ugly sofas are always the most comfy...

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