Monday, April 6, 2009

Thank you, Merci, Asante....

Whenever I set out to learn a few words in a new language (so handy when travelling), I always start with thank you.  So it seems appropriate that I begin the story of last month at the end, with a thank you.

sparkles on the canal

When I found out that we would be finishing our trip to Africa with a few days in Amsterdam, I emailed Pia, to see if there was any chance we could meet.  I thought it was a long-shot, since she seems to be so busy.  But she emailed me back an enthusiastic yes.

I spent a lovely day, being shown around this beautiful city by one of my favourite bloggers.  Pia showed me her favourite neighbourhoods and a few of her favourite shops.  We stopped for tea and talked as though we had known each other for years.

Tea With Pia

The next day, I was invited to see her houseboat.  We had more tea and conversation.  I came away really happy to have met such a lovely, generous and thoughtful person. 

And with renewed enthusiasm for this blog.

Thanks so much Pia!  I look forward to returning the favour when you find yourself heading this way!



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