Monday, June 8, 2009

Etsy Mondays - Janet Hill Studio

I went to one of my local independent bookstores this week (here in Stratford, we're lucky enough to have four) because Pia's book was in (and it's wonderful!). 

The Walnut Torte Print

The man behind the counter and I chatted a bit while he was ringing up my purchase.  He didn't know who Pia is (the man obviously spends way too much time off-line) but said that he'd mentioned it to his wife, and of course, she knew.  Then he mentioned that his wife also has a blog

I looked her up as soon as I could and realized that I knew her work from when she had a shop downtown and that she has an Etsy shop, which, hi! makes my work for this week so easy!!!!

Cabana Kitchen

I mean, look at these gorgeous images.  Who wouldn't want to own one?


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